Hébergements en couvents, monastères & maisons religieuses dans toute l'Italie

Categories of accommodations

There are two main categories :
A/ the religiously active establishments

These establishments sometimes present a few constraints: opening hours, simple levels of comfort and very simple breakfast, sometimes stern decoration and reduced service.

The following types of accomodation belong to this category :

• Convents and monasteries:
Spiritual places par excellence, usually - but not always - with exceptional architecture and situated on privileged sites, they offer very simple accommodation without the possibility of having meals except ordinary breakfasts. Such structures imply correct dress and behaviour codes. A few will only accept men, others only women or married couples but most of them accept everybody.

• Pilgrims' houses :
Situated near monasteries, sanctuaries or holy places, managed by monks, these establishments are similar to modest hotels. Breakfast is included most of the time.

• Inns managed by monks:
These inns, also called villas,usually run by monks, offer simple accommodation, without meals or breakfast. The inside decoration will not even particularly remind of the religious character of the structure


B/ Establishments geared to tourist accomodation :

In the past, monasteries, convents and abbeys were the most common means of accomodation for travelers . Nowadays, a large number of them have been transformed into tourist accommodations, or even into hotels owned or managed by monks and offer the comfort of a 3 or 4 stars hotel while maintaining the original charm and atmosphere.

They are traditionally situated in the best locations, in the heart of the cities or in their close neighbourhood.

Rooms have usually been completely renovated with modern comfort and private bathrooms. Many rooms have a view on a park, a convent or a panoramic landscape.

• Convents and monasteries may manufacture local specialties such as wine or olive oil, and their restaurants usually offers creative cooking based on fresh products and recipes known only to them.

Service, cleanliness, charm and atmosphere of these accommodations guarantee calm and relaxation to travelers.

They can be classified into two categories:

• Intitutes and foundations, religious resorts :
Especially abundant in cities and their suburbs, they usually offer additional services such as breakfast, half or full board.

Such etablishments usually have a chapel, a garden or a park.

• Religious hostels or of religious origins :
These hostels usually offer very good comfort levels they usually are the property of monks or are managed by monks, near places of intense religious activity.

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