Hébergements en couvents, monastères & maisons religieuses dans toute l'Italie


Should reservations be paid in advance ?

Yes, in order to garantee the booking of your rooms, it is necessary that  they should be paid for in advance.

Do we need to take part in religious activities ?

of course not, our goal is to offer tourist accomodation in religious structures, therefore there is no obligation to participate in any religious activity; however should you wish to, this would be possible in most establishments.

Do such establishents accept clients of both sexes ?

most of them do with rare exceptions, which we only offer upon specific request.

How many establishments accomodate tourists in Italy ?

Several thousand, but we have selected those most suited to international clients in terms of comfort and value for money.

Is it possible to take meals in these establishments ?

Breakfast is almost always included, but a great many offer half or full board; it is necessary to mention your choice when making your reservation.

Do you send out a list of establishments with telephone numbers and addresses ?

No, we are a booking agency.

Why don’t you put on line the full list of accomodations ?

For several reasons :
First of all we constantly add and remove establishments, therefore such a list –even on-line – would never be up-to-date.
A great number of convents do not wish to have their name, picture and description mentioned on a list in order not to disturb the tranquility of guests or residents. A consequence would be numerous requests directly from clients or even people showing up without a reservation, which most establishments want to avoid , therefore prefering bookings to be centralized and handled by professionals.
Furthermore, should we publish the list of accomodations with descriptions and pictures, demand would concentrate on the same establishments which would rapidly be sold out, while numerous other convents, monasteries or religious establishments, though availble and located in the same neighbourhood, would never be requested.

Should we do that, we could only accomodate a very small amount of guests , and most of the times you would be disappointed as your chosen establishment would be sold out; our system allows us to always offer a possibility of accomodation.

Do we need to make bookings long in advance ?

This is advisable in major tourist cities. The earlier your reservation, the more chances you have to obtain central accomodation.

What do your rates include ?

Accomodation, breakfast unless otherwise specified, booking fees, time spent by Sixtina correspondents looking for your accomodation, various taxes, as well as selection and inspection of the establishments prior to their registration on our lists. This explains why our rates are sometimes higher than what you could find by yourself on site.

Do we need to be married if we come as a couple ?

Times have changed a great deal. You don’t need to be married anymore (except for a few rare establishments).

Does one need to be catholic ?

Not necessarily, however one must be respectful of all creeds, avoid provocation and proselytism if not a Catholic.

Are homosexual couples admitted ?

The Catholic church does not look favourably upon homosexuality; since convictions in the host establishment should be respected, it is not advisable.

Are all accomodations situated in historical buildings with a cloister ?

It is time to update our vision. We no longer live in the Middle Ages , and even if some convents housing tourists are renovated historical buildings equipped with modern amenities, most accomodations are located in standard buildings or event recent ones.

Can this type of accomodation be found in city centers ?

Yes, but of course the most central establishments are the most expensive and are often booked out several months in advance in major tourist cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice.

What garanties do we have ?

According to european laws, we hold state operating licence, financial bank guarantee and civil insurance.

Is it possible to book transportation to Italy thru your office ?

Yes, but only for french residents. We have favoured air rates to most main Italian cities, and can also handle your train reservations.

Is it a good idea to rent a car ?

It is not advisable in italian cities, however very convenient for travellers who wish to take a full tour of the country while enjoying religious accomodation at every stop. We offer excellent rates. You could look at our internet offer by clicking here.

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